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  Actor, Writer, and Director Jordan Peele’s third horror movie NOPE arrives in theaters this weekend. NOPE is about the Haywood family, who are horse trainers living on a secluded California ranch. A mysterious entity begins being felt at the ranch and seems to be having an effect on both the people and animals. The Haywoods decide they are going to capture this entity on film. What follows is The Good, The Bad, and The Spoilers of  NOPE . The Good If you have seen Get Out or US , you know that Peele writes stories that are unique. He does so once again with NOPE . The initial feel of the movie is that it is going to be another creepy movie about aliens. As the story unfolds, it becomes something interestingly different. I felt like I was watching a modern-day interpretation of a folk tale that describes someone’s encounter with things not of the natural world. Another good point to this movie is the comedic relief. I know that normally comedic relief is not something you n