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Bros Review

  This Friday, a new modern take on the romantic comedy genre hits theaters. Bros is brought to audiences by Universal Studios and it written by and stars Billy Eichner. Bros follows Bobby Leiber (Eichner) as he navigates being a successful gay man, while also struggling to find a meaningful connection with someone. Bobby meets Larry (Aaron Shepard) who also struggles with commitment issues. Bobby and Larry attempt a relationship and must overcome the hurdles that pop up in their way. What follows is  The Good, The Bad, and The Spoilers  of  Bros . The Good Billy Eichner deserves a ton of credit for the success of this movie. Not only does he do a phenomenal job playing Bobby, but also the writing in this film is superb. Bobby’s personality conflicts with Larry are so believable and relatable to anyone who has tried to tackle the dating world. The initial attraction, the awkward courtship and flirting, the more serious conversations, were all so accurately portrayed by Eichner a