The Batman (Like, Another One)


When I first heard there was going to be another Batman, with a different actor, my first thought was simply “why?”. When I found out that this actor was Robert Patterson, I was genuinely intrigued. I know Patterson gets a lot of negative comments because of the Twilight movies, but I have never held those against him. The Batman follows this iconic superhero in a new dark tale as he tracks down a serial killer. Batman slowly follows the clues into the criminal underworld of Gotham and the possible corruption of Gotham’s most influential figures.  What follows is The Good, The Bad, and The Spoilers of The Batman.

The Good

This movie has a nice “dark” feel to it, reminiscent of The Dark Knight. A villain that brutally kills his victims. A hero not afraid to beat the bad guys to a bloody pulp. Criminals focused on sex, drugs, and all things bad. These are things that the majority of super hero movies seems to shy away from, or skirt around. Although the majority of superhero movies are owned by a super family-friendly company. It is refreshing to watch a gritty superhero movie that feels like an old detective noir film.

Another “good” point to this movie was that realistic bat-mobile. I know this seems like an odd thing to focus on, but I was raised in a classic muscle car. Batmans of the past have had very comic-like bat-mobiles, or in Nolan’s films it was just a tank with wheels. In The Batman we see what I would say is the most realistic bat-mobile imagined. Rick guy reinforces a classic muscles car, gives it some gadgets, and hunts down the bad guys in it.

The Bad

This movie didn’t have a whole lot of “Bad” in my opinion. The movie does get slow at times, which I know my wife complained about afterwards. These periods are great developmentally, but I can understand why some people may find them slow. There are quite a few of these slow periods throughout the movie. It was during my second watch of the movie that these slower points in the movie started to get to me, and I had to pause the movie to give myself an intermission.

My Overall Opinion

We all know who Batman is and his backstory. This movie was great new take on a character we all know so well. The dark feel, complex story, and compelling acting kept me enthralled. I highly recommend giving The Batman a watch, whether you are a fan of the superhero or not.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with my points? Comment your thoughts below.



  1. I agree with your 'good' entirely. I think he did a great job capturing the dark hero, and even added a distincitive edge to Batman. I would only add that I though Zoe was a great casting as well. I thought adding her own plight for revenge added to a parallel plot and her character development. I also thought the subtle cat connections were clever as opposed to old versions . What do you think?

  2. For me the film was meh. Another movie where you have to squint to see anything because everything is so dark. It's also, in my opinion, another example of how Warner Brothers continues to mismanage their property. I get that not everyone likes Marvel films, but good afternoon do we really need another Batman movie?!

  3. I agree whole heartedly that the second time around is not near as good as the first! We went back to the theater to see it a second time because we loved the first showing so much…..but found ourselves getting bored the second go around! Spot on review!!


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