The Lion King (2019)

One of the most anticipated movies of 2019 has to be the remake of one of Disney’s greatest classics “The Lion King”. The idea of a CGI/Live Action Lion King sounded exciting and almost everyone, whether they were for or against the remake, planned to see this one. The story follows the original exactly. Simba’s father dies and he runs away out of guilt. He makes new friends but must return to save his home from his evil uncle. What follows is The Good, The Bad, and The Spoilers of The Lion King (2019).
The Good
Whether you are a supporter of this remake or not, you have to agree that this movie is beautiful to the eye. The
CGI in this film is at a level of its own. The textures and movements of the animals, the realistic vegetation, and the flowing water look entirely real. This movie is a great example of just how far digital effects and CGI has come.
I also think that voice acting and singing of this movie was very well done. While they may not be the originals, it Is apparent that many of the voice actors are talented singers. I personally liked that Pumba/Seth Rogen, couldn’t sing. Disney could have easily autotuned Seth Rogen to make him sound more appealing, but instead said, “Hey, you know what, maybe the warthog can’t carry a tune” and it works.
The Bad
In my opinion there are negative points in this movie, but I’ll touch on just my main ones. First, many of the scenes felt rushed. I loved the impact of the original Mufasa but not so much with the 2019 Mufasa. Sure, they are both played by the great James Earl Jones, but his lines felt rushed in the remake. This caused the movie to lose some of the power that Mufasa carries throughout the whole film, even after his death.
The other major issue I had with this film was the serious lack of emotion. Since the animals were so realistic, it made the singing look incredibly weird and the animals were unable to convey any emotion with their faces. If you are going to have a movie with multiple musical numbers, the audience needs to be able to feel what the characters are feeling, and that was hard in this film.
My Overall Opinion
I will always be a fan of the 1994 Lion King. Some may say that this is simply because it is the one I grew up with, but I feel it’s because this is the better version. That being said, you should absolutely go see the 2019 Lion King, in theaters if possible. If you have children, this Lion King will be as impactful on them as the original was on kids in 1994. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the look of wonder on their face that this film will give them.
 Have you seen this one yet? What are your thoughts? Comment your thoughts below.


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