Throwback Review: Hobbs and Shaw

When you have a movie franchise as successful as The Fast and The Furious has been, it was only a matter of time before we saw some form of spin-off. When I saw the first Hobbs and Shaw movie trailer, I thought is looked action packed and was kind of excited to see it. When the second trailer came out my opinion change to corny and terrible. Hobbs and Shaw is about this unlikely duo teaming up to find Shaw’s sister and keep a deadly virus out of the wrong hands. The problem is the bio-enhanced Brixton Lore, played by Idris Elba, who will stop at nothing to get the virus for his employers. What follows is The Good, The Bad, and The Spoilers of Hobbs and Shaw.
The Good
This movie was HILARIOUS! There was something amazing about the love/hate relationship between Johnson’s and Statham’s characters. Some of the funniest times in the film are when these two are just staring at each other, hurling insults back and forth. The chemistry between these two is similar to the chemistry Dwayne Johnson has with Kevin Hart. Not just jokes, but throw in a could big name comedy cameos (I’ll let you be surprise) and you have a movie that will keep you laughing start to finish.
I’d also like to point out within ‘The Good’ that while the Fast and Furious movies are all about cars and racing, I like that this movie focused more on espionage, fighting, and all-around action. It made this movie a stand-alone story that people can watch without having seen all the Fast and Furious movies.
The Bad
So Physics are a thing. I understand that a movie with a bio-enhanced bad guy requires some suspension of disbelief; it does not make physics go away. There were 3 specific instances that made me shake my head and say “nope, would happen”.
First, we have The Rock stick his arm out the window of a very fast moving car and grab a motorcyclist off his fast moving bike, which was headed the opposite direction. I don’t care how incredible strong The Rock might be, his arm would not have been able to withstand that kind of blow.
Second, we have Hobbs and Shaw diving into the silo of a secret facility. These 2 open there parachutes just moments before hitting the ground. By moments, I mean the parachutes literally opened a second or two before they hit the ground with force. I’m pretty sure legs would have been broken, or at least hurting, but they walk away like nothing is happened.
Third, we have Hobbs holding onto his moving truck in one hand and in the other he is holding a chain connected to a military helicopter that is trying to fly away. Again, I know The Rock is a very strong man, but is it physically possible for him to literally, with one arm, keep a helicopter from flying away. Like a person holding a dog on a leash.
My Overall Opinion
I went into this movie hoping it wouldn’t be as bad as it looked, and man was I shocked. This was the action movie of the summer. The acting is great, I found it incredibly funny, and the film was packed full of fast-paced action. Whether it’s in theaters or at home, Hobbs and Shaw is definitely worth a watch.


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