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Top Gun is an 80’s classic that I have seen many times. So when I found out that they were making a sequel after 30+ years, I was concerned. Sequels rarely live up to the originals, I think I can count the number of sequels that are better than their originals on one hand. (The Empire Strikes Back is the main one that comes to mind). Top Gun: Maverick follows Tom Cruises character as his is called back to Top Gun to teach the next generate of graduates to prepare them for an impossible mission. This “last chance” with the Navy forces Maverick to confront his past, both the good and the bad. What follows is The Good, The Bad, and The Spoilers of Top Gun: Maverick.

The Good

Before I get to my first good point, I would like to say that Top Gun: Maverick, in my opinion, is a sequel that lives up to its original.  I’m going to hold off on saying that it is better until I have had a chance to see it again, but it defiantly holds up to the original.

My first “good” point of this movie is really any scene where we get to see the fighter jets do their thing. The fact that we got to see real jets, really flying, and its not just a bunch of CGI is a huge selling point in this movie. I was particularly impressed with the opening 2-on-1 Dog Fights. Maverick quickly puts all these ”kids” in their place and shows them why he was chosen to instruct them. These scenes had me in awe of the jets, while laughing that dialogue taking place between the characters.

I think it is also fantastic that so many characters from the original were included in this movie. Frequently when this is done, the old characters feel forced into a new story line. They feel out of place and scenes with them can be uncomfortable. There wasn’t any of those feeling in this movie. Each of the returning characters were written into their role naturally. Whether it was Penny in the bar, Warlock as an admiral, or Commander Iceman, they all just felt like they belonged. Even the flashback to the original movie where integrated in a way that they support the story. These helped younger audiences get some of the background they need to understand what is currently happening, even if they never saw the original Top Gun. (Hopefully they go home and watch it.)

My last good point is about the amazing casting and writing that went into Rooster. Miles Teller do and AMAZING job capturing Goose’s character and helping us believe that this is 100% his son. By having that piano flashback scene, it help drive home that this man is the soon of Goose.

The Bad

My “bad” point is a small one, that I am sure people will disagree with. Which is okay, people are allowed to have different opinions. While I felt like the original cast members were integrated perfectly into the movie, I do feel the romantic element was a bit forced. I like that Penny owned the bar and that she and Maverick had some banter throughout the movie. I understand that by having the romance in the movie, we get to give Maverick his happy ending, but the romance scenes felt out of place to me and seem to take away from the over all story. In the original, the taboo romance between Maverick and the admiral’s daughter, added to the movie. In this film, that romance fell flat for me.

My Overall Opinion

Top Gun: Maverick meets every criteria for a movie that would be classified as a summer blockbuster. Not only is everyone, young and old, already seeing this movie, but many are already planning their second watch. I plan to see it again before it leaves theaters, specifically in IMAX where I feel this movie will shine even more. I would highly recommend you take the time to see this one in theaters!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with my points? Comment your thoughts below.



  1. First off - thanks for this awesome review. I have to admit, the authentic flight scenes have me super excited to see it. Aaaand, I won't even lie - I have always been a Miles fan so I can't wait to see him as Rooster. Cheers to a decent sequel!

  2. We thought it was in fact better than the first, and we also saw it twice with the 2nd time in IMAX! Just a GREAT, GREAT movie!!


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