Ms. Marvel (Episodes 1 and 2)


There is a new superhero in town! This week Marvel introduces us to their newest superhero in the Disney+ exclusive series, Ms. Marvel. This show follows Kamala Khan as she navigates fitting in at school, being understood at home, and mastering her new superpowers just like the superheroes on the news. Disney and Marvel are giving us a high school coming-of-age story, with some super powered hurdles. What follows is The Good, The Bad, and The Spoilers of Ms. Marvel Episodes 1 and 2.

The Good

Iman Vellani, does a phenomenal job playing the leading lady. Watching her on screen reminds us of our junior high/high school days where we were trying to turn our personal awkwardness into just a unique part of our personality. Her love of superheroes perfectly portrays what we all picture when we think of a “fan-girl”. Iman Vellani, in partnership with the writing, helps make Kamala Khan a relatable character. Although this is clearly more intended to be relatable to a younger audience.

I really enjoyed how the show addresses and integrates Kamala’s Muslim culture into the story. It is done in a way that gives the audience a peek into a modern Muslim American family and the dynamics involved. We see how Kamala must navigate her interests, hobbies, and social life around what is proper to her family. Growing up in a more conservative household, I could empathize with the characters struggles to find that balance between interests and duty.

The Bad

I would like to start off this section by addressing that I personally felt there was a major difference between the first and second episode. The first episode was hard to watch at times, because of the major focus on the high school coming-of-age storyline. In fact, the entire first episode is about this. While parts of it were enjoyable, it did seem very geared towards a younger Marvel audience. Moving into the second episode, this does subside enough to make the show more enjoyable.  This may also have to do with the fact that Kamala doesn’t receive her powers until the end of the first episode.

The MCU Ms. Marvel’s powers are very different from the Marvel Comics counterpart. The comic version of this character had powers similar to Mr. Fantastic, but she could also alter her appearance and shapeshift. Disney+’s Ms. Marvel is able to make physical objects out of light. This was addressed early last month and explained as these new powers will play into the overall MCU storyline. (Maybe the same power source as Shang-Chi rings?) I will have to see how this is plays out further before I’m sold on the drastic change.

My Overall Opinion

If I had only been able to watch episode one, I do not know if I would have continued watching the show once it was fully released. In my opinion, the second episode made up for it and had me interested in how this new story is going to unfold. My suggestion is to do what I did and watch both episode 1 and 2 before making a decision on the show. You may find yourself intrigued.

Once you watch it, please share your thoughts below. Do you agree or disagree?


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