Bullet Train


On August 5th, Bullet Train sped into theaters. Brad Pitt plays Ladybug, an assassin on a simple snatch and grab mission. What he is confronted with is a collection of individuals, all working to accomplish their own goals. While traveling on the fastest train in the world, unknown connections slowly draw these adversaries together.

What follows is The Good, The Bad, and The Spoilers of Bullet Train.

The Good

We all know that Brad Pitt can act, that is not something that many people would question. Pitt’s character in Bullet Train manages to be an expert killer, while portraying a near pacifist. He works so hard to avoid conflict throughout the majority of the film that his dialogue has you laughing, even as he is killing someone.

Bullet Train gives the audience a pace equal to its name. In the lulls between action sequences, Bullet Train keeps up the pace with witty dialogue and comedic exchanges between characters. Bullet Train feels like the dark action version of a classic Who-dun-it. You spend the film trying to figure out how all of the events happening are tied together, only to have all the pieces fall into place at the end.

The Bad

One of the things that will bother some viewers are the films flashbacks. In an effort to explain backstory on every character, there are constant jumps back to that character’s past. While some of these are important, some just leave you confused and wanting the movie to get back to the story. Couple this with the speed in which the movie moves at times and you can begin to feel you are starting to lose the story.

My Overall Opinion

Bullet Train will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoyed it. I personally loved the dark who-dun-it vibe that the writers were clearly trying to convey. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good action movie. Buy yourself a large popcorn, sit back, and get ready for a good laugh.

What were your thoughts on this one?


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