M3GAN is a new horror/sci-fi movie hitting theaters this weekend. M3GAN, pronounced “Megan”, is an amazing robotic doll with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Her purpose is to be a child’s best friend and assist in the child’s physical and emotional needs. Cady is an 8-year-old girl whose parents are killed in a car accident which causes her to go and live with her aunt Gemma, who is also M3GAN’s creator. Gemma decides that M3GAN would help distract Cady from the loss of her parents and be a great test run from this new doll. Things do not unfold as she had expected.

What follows is The Good, The Bad, and The Spoilers of M3GAN.

The Good

M3GAN takes the “killer toy” aspects of different horror movies like Child’s Play (1988) and presents it in a way that is believable. The opening scene of the movie is shot like a commercial advertising a new toy but instead uses artificial intelligence to entertain kids. These little pets are adorable and very similar to something you might see a kid playing with in real life. Gemma, who created this furry little pet robot, uses this a springboard to begin the creation of M3GAN.  In a society where technology is always increasing, audiences can understand how a real M3GAN doll may not be too far ahead of the current children’s toys on the market.

The M3GAN doll is unsettling, just as it is intended to be. Even in scenes in broad daylight, M3GAN looks creepy throughout the entire film. When that is coupled with her auto-tuned voice and masked facial expressions it leaves you uncomfortable, if not scared.

The Bad

Horror and Sci-fi are 2 genres of movies that I truly enjoy, but M3GAN completely misses the “Horror” mark. While suspenseful, there was never a time that audiences would get chills while waiting for something to happen. In fact, M3GAN made the audience laugh more than anything else. I felt we spent the entirety of the movie waiting for something moderately scary to happen, and when something did, I was left wanting more. The last 15 minutes of the film was the most suspenseful, horror-like, part of the entire movie.

My Overall Opinion

After some time to reflect on the movie, I give M3GAN a 4 out of 10.

M3GAN just misses the mark in my opinion. While the doll is indeed creepy to look at, the movie just felt incredibly predictable and not scary. Had some more doll killing happened throughout the film, I would have enjoyed it more. If you want to see a suspenseful comedy, then this is a movie for you, otherwise I would suggest waiting for this one to hit a streaming service.


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