65 crashes into theaters this weekend. Following a disastrous landing on an unfamiliar planet, pilot Mills swiftly realizes that he is stranded on Earth, albeit 65 million years in the past. With just a single opportunity for rescue, Mills and the sole surviving companion, Koa, must navigate through an uncharted landscape teeming with perilous prehistoric creatures.

What follows is The Good, The Bad, and The Spoilers of 65.

The Good

65’s story is unlike anything you've seen before, offering a unique take on the origins of mankind. It brings something new and unexpected, making it stand out in a sea of familiar narratives. We get to see a different interaction between humans and dinosaurs unlike anything seen in a previous dinosaur movie.

The Bad

The movie disappointingly falls short in the action department, lacking the adrenaline-pumping sequences that audiences might expect. Furthermore, it fails to adequately elaborate on the backstory related to mankind living across the galaxy. The sparse action scenes contribute to a narrative that feels incomplete and leaves audiences craving more engagement. The movie's failure to delve into its mankind’s histories ultimately hampers the overall depth and impact of the storytelling.

My Overall Opinion

I give 65 a similar score of 65… out of 100.


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