Strays is the latest comedy to grace theaters, starring the voices of Will Ferrell as Reggie, and Jamie Foxx as Bug. When Reggie gets abandoned by his owner in the city, Bug and his friends must assist Reggie come to terms with his new life as a stray. Together, the group embark on a journey to help Reggie find his way back home, with the goal of seeking revenge on his owner Doug.

What follows is The Good, The Bad, and The Spoilers of Strays.

The Good

Strays is a comedy brimming with crude and crass humor that consistently hits the mark. Throughout the film, audiences will find themselves laughing at jokes that occasionally push, or leap over, the normal limits. While much of the comedy is straight forward, I enjoyed some of the more subtle jokes such as jabs at other dog-centric films like A Dog’s Purpose. Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx do an exceptional job voicing the main characters and truly bring them to life.

The Bad

Once again, Strays is a crude comedy, but sadly it doesn’t offer anything else. Despite the occasional effort to delve into deeper concepts, these attempts are overshadowed by the prevalence of vulgar humor. In moments where this deeper meaning was trying to be established, it instead creates awkward pauses in the storyline, leaving audiences waiting for the humor to resurface again. The overall story, while humorous, lacks dept and is too predictable.

My Overall Opinion

I give Strays a 6 out of 10.

Strays will appeal to a specific audience who enjoy vulgar comedy with jokes that sometime push societal boundaries. Other than being funny, the movie felt like your typical film about a pet finding their way home. In essence, it can be described as an adult-oriented rendition of the film Homeward Bound. I would recommend waiting for it to inevitably hit a streaming service. Adapting this film to a level suitable for standard cable broadcasting will be quite a challenging endeavor.


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